No-code tools to boost productivity of businesses

It was recently found out that using no-code tools has helped businesses grow faster.

Indeed, a study by Zapier showed that the growing use of no-code tools has positively affected people and companies, with 90% saying it has improved their organization’s growth. The pandemic definitely pushed forward the adoption of such technology with 82% of respondents stating having started to use no-code tools in the past two years.

Business professionals have begun using no-code tools as it helps them achieve a task quickly at work, automate certain aspects of their business, decrease the time to deploy new products or features, as well as give them better flexibility. Whether they have started to use it at work, for a new job, or even for their own businesses, many of them are now using it on a regular basis.

It was also reported that most professionals using it possess some previous technical knowledge or experience, have taken coding or development classes, or even are professional developers or engineers. Only 12% said they didn’t have a technical background. By using these tools, professionals have received benefits from their employers as well as positive recognition from company leadership and boosted the productivity of the business.

Although the adoption of no-code tools is still challenging, with a lack of examples to follow and access to the required software and budget, 85% of respondents are planning to use them more in the next year.