Chinese researchers uncover 14 flaws in BMW vehicles

Chinese study lab, Keen Lab, has uncovered 14 flaws in BMW Series X, 3, 5 and 7.

Keen Lab researchers believe the flaws could allow hackers to partially control affected vehicles while in use.

Taking the flaws into consideration, BMW verified all reported vulnerabilities, advised customers that there will soon be software updates, as well as awarded Keen Lab with an “IT research” prize.

Vehicle vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities were found in three parts of the vehicles’ electronics (BBC):

  • The internet-connected infotainment systems – which provide sat-nav guidance, radio-station playback, car diagnostic information, and in some cases voice-recognition services
  • The telematics control unit – the electronics and software that allow a vehicle’s location to be tracked
  • The central gateway module – the information bridge that controls the flow of data between the vehicle’s various electrical components.

Keen Lab also identified how to compromise the cars by plugging in infected USB sticks.

Written by Leah Alger