Tech firms block EU users over GDPR

Following the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which comes to light tomorrow, technology companies have been blocking European users from its servers to ensure compliance. is one of many companies that will be withdrawing its services from EU companies.

“We are truly sorry that we are unable to offer our service to you”, the inbox management company told its EU users.

Deleting EU contacts

Pinterest’s news-clipping service, Instapaper, also revealed it will block its EU clients from accessing its platform as of tomorrow.

The firm has been emailing European citizens’ saying this is a “temporary measure”, and that it intends to “restore access as soon as possible”.

Furthermore, Stardust, a movie and TV review app, has completely removed its product from EU versions of Google Play and Apple’s App Store, as well as deleted all EU contacts from its records.

‘Working hard to reach GDPR-compliance’

Stardust wrote in its blog post: “Stardust is currently unavailable to download for users of app stores within the European Union, and we will be closing the accounts of our current EU users on May 23, 2018.

“GDPR details how companies must store and process the data of EU residents. Without deleting EU accounts entirely, we would be storing data about EU residents and therefore would be required to adhere to GDPR laws.

“So, unfortunately, we cannot simply block access or freeze EU accounts for the time being.”

Several gaming firms are also said to be taking the “easy option out” by blocking EU citizens’ access to older products, instead of updating them.

Written by Leah Alger