Cyberattackers target the UK

UK firms suffer the most cyberattacks in Europe, according to a recent poll by research firm IDC and data analytics company Splunk.

The poll revealed that the UK has the fastest response times and specialised tools to prevent attacks, compared to 600 global firms that were also polled.

Considering the large amount of security incidents, 30% of UK firms said they “cope comfortably” with attacks and 16% of UK firms have seen 10-20% increases in attacks versus 12% in total.

“As demonstrated by the swift, global spread of WannaCry, it has never been more important for organisations to proactively monitor, analyse and investigate to verify whether there are real threats, then prioritise and remediate the most critical,” announced Splunk.

More than 200,000 people were targeted by WannaCry last month, a virus that attacked NHS services and other companies such as Renault, Nissan and Telefonica.

Written from source by Leah Alger
Source: CITY A.M