Public raise mobile phone security concerns

London market research group Opinium carried out a survey and found that not all of those who consider mobile phone data security crucial deal with cyberattack issues.

The survey found that 94% of mobile phone consumers believe that data security is important, yet 34% of consumers don’t have anti-virus software installed.

Cybersecurity issues are forever raised, yet 17% said that it’s unlikely they will get their phone information stolen, while 29% think security applications are not important.

Although 24 million British citizens use their mobiles to shop online, 23 million use internet banking services and 17% admitted storing passwords on their handheld devices.

Considering the levels of crime increasing, 11% of poll participants have never changed their online passwords and 43% do not use numerical passcodes to secure access to their phones.

“With phones becoming more powerful and connected, people use them to do internet banking, shopping, sharing content on social media and even sending intimate selfies,” said Managing Director at Virgin Mobile, Jeff Dodds.

“This information can be vulnerable to attack, like anything on the internet, but there are lots of straightforward steps you can take to better protect yourself and your data,” he added.

Opinium surveyed 2,006 adults from the UK from 12-16 May 2017.

Written from source by Leah Alger

Source: Sunday Post