Detroit Council to approve transparency ordinance for surveillance software

It was recently reported that Detroit City Council approved the legislation offering transparency and accountability for video and camera surveillance.

Indeed, after the use of facial recognition software by the Detroit police sparked controversy, it was decided that a transparent process had to be put into place in order to educate the community and allow public opinion before implementing the tech. The ordinance will then be applied to all types of surveillance equipment – from traffic cameras to police surveillance.

By doing so, the council is allowing the citizens to have a voice in using the surveillance tech and providing them a sense of security and safety. This ordinance is defined as pro-transparency and accountability and ensures the council has adequate information when the panel is voting on surveillance technology. It also stated that public hearings are required when technologies are proposed for use in Detroit as well as annual reporting from city departments on surveillance activities.

Hence, this ordinance will offer Detroit residents greater assurance that their rights are being respected and protected.