Google unveils AI phone feature

Google has unveiled its new artificial intelligence (AI) software that makes appointments on the phone for users by conducting voice-based conversations on their behalf.

At the firm’s annual IO developers conference, Google’s Chief Executive, Sundar Pichai, announced that the AI named Google Duplex will be launched as an “experiment” over the next couple of weeks.

Google Duplex

Google Duplex was demonstrated at the conference, playing pre-recorded demonstrations to the audience while featuring the software booking a haircut then making a restaurant reservation be speaking to two human employees.

Furthermore, the tech giant demonstrated a Google Assistant talking and coping with someone at work who was confused by straightforward questions.

The computer-generated voice is “very clear and sounds very much like human speech”, according to the BBC.

Pichai also revealed that the aim of this new AI is for it to be used to call businesses when confirming holiday times, as well as automatically update information on pages that Google provides.

Written by Leah Alger