Google’s plan to cut out fake news

Google is focusing on developing new tools and human resources to fight fake news and deliver more reliable results.

Last month, Google announced it will be recruiting human editors, and its autopilot feature will be tweaked to control search result quality.

Similar to autopilot, the search giant plans on adding another reporting feature called Featured Snippets, so users have the opportunity to report misleading, offensive and irrelevant news.

“There is a fake news problem without any doubt, but what we like to do is try to quantify how bad that problem is,” said NewsWhip CEO Paul Quigley in a Bloomberg report.

“It’s hard because people have predispositions to liking certain kinds of stories, and if you have a certain opinion of certain politicians and you’re being fed a diet from particular websites that confirms your worldview every day, you’re going to want more of that,” he added.

Facebook and Wikipedia are also trying to stop fake news from being publicised on their sites through new initiatives and tools.

Written from sources by Leah Alger

Sources: techradar