Hacking groups to exploit Microsoft’s software flaw

It was recently discovered that at least ten different hacking groups were found out using flaws in Microsoft Corp’s mail server software so as to break into targets across the world.

Indeed, following the weaknesses found in¬†Microsoft’s Exchange software, these security holes are very serious as they allow cyberattacks to spy or steal emails virtually at will from vulnerable servers. It was reported that thousands of organizations were already compromised and many more victims are exposed daily.

Although Microsoft declared having fixed the issues, the slow customers’ updates leave it on for hackers and allow access to personal information and emails. Besides, there were some back doors were left on compromised machines that have passwords easily identifiable, making them vulnerable.

Moreover, security experts fear that the hackers will take advantage of the flaws to cause more disruption, such as cybercriminals’ exploitation to spread malicious software and malware.