Hubble Space Telescope to have suffered a software glitch

It was reported that the Hubble Space Telescope suffered a software glitch that put a brief stop to its science operations a few days ago.

Indeed, the telescope unexpectedly went into ‘safe mode’ on March 7, halting the observations due to a software glitch, and was back to operating partially on March 11.

According to NASA, the telescope has completed its first observation since returning to science mode, but the Wide Field Camera 3 still remains suspended while the team investigates a low-voltage issue that prevented it from returning to operations.

The Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) apparently suffers from an ‘unexpected error’ that happened when the telescope was transitioning from safe mode to pre-science after the first issue was fixed. Thus, the team is currently working on finding possible solutions.

NASA also reported that the glitch originated from a recent modification to the telescope’s code on Hubble’s gyroscope issues. As of now, the team is then stopping the improvement but they are planning to fix it for the future.

However, NASA remains confident that the telescope will be back to operation quickly and has still a lot of years ahead of it.