IT spending to grow as businesses focus on digital transformation

A new study from Gartner revealed that IT spending will only grow in the next few months as businesses are accelerating their digital transformation efforts.

Indeed, it was reported that worldwide IT spending will increase by 9% in 2021, to reach a total of $4.2 trillion, as businesses are starting to focus more on growth after the pandemic. It is expected that spending on data center systems, enterprise software, devices, IT services, and communications services will then increase quickly.

After 2020, enterprises are starting to shift their priorities and set new goals and initiatives for 2021 that require a bigger IT budget. With the new hybrid ways of working, the businesses spend on devices such as laptops and PCs will be one of the fastest-growing in 2021, with around $800 billion invested in the year.

Moreover, the study expects IT departments to invest in building brand-new technologies that could make them stand out from the crowd and grow more revenue. 80% of IT products and services should then be built by non-developers by 2024 due to the development of low-code and no-code software tools.

Hence, IT teams will have to start to manage and support a large number of business applications.