North American Software Testing Awards 2021: Deadline on September 24th!

The North American Software Testing Awards, November, Toronto, 2021


The North American Software Testing Awards 2021 are quickly approaching, and we are so happy to be welcoming you back in November to celebrate the hard work and talent of the software testing and quality assurance community!

We are extremely honoured to be working with such an esteemed panel of judges, all of whom are appointed based on their extensive experience in the software testing and quality engineering field. Judges have great opportunities to discover new projects and incredible talents first-hand as well as giving their acute insights and determine which one should win an award.

Every entry is judged anonymously to ensure total impartiality so that the winners are chosen purely on merit! This shows that no matter the size, budget, market share, etc., of your company, the North American Software Testing Awards prides itself on recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievements first and foremost.

Knowing what to include in your entries is always tough! But don’t worry, here are a few pieces of advice from previous judges that can help you with your submission.

Strong entries should:

  • Be innovative to deliver a complete testing solution
  • Use a wide variety of testing and technology
  • Show clearly the importance and goals of the project
  • Be adaptable in order to overcome unexpected challenges & risks
  • Have the best practices with a strong methodology to support its objectives
  • Explain the processes and the reasons for their choices
  • Use concrete examples of successful processes

By participating, you will have the unique opportunity to go on an exciting journey that will lead to the awards ceremony where we would celebrate your success and your remarkable work. The programme will not only help you improve your visibility and promote your business among the best of the best in the software testing industry but also celebrate the exceptional talents within your team.

The entry/registration deadline for both participants and judges is closing on September 24th and the submission deadline is closing on October 1st. Once the judges receive submissions, they will begin to shortlist them until October 14th. The finalists will then be announced on the next day! So don’t wait and enter the programme HERE.


There’s no time to waste! Submit an entry TODAY!

Good luck!