Lower your operational costs with a new JMS and IBM MQ service virtualisation tool

Traffic Parrot, a next generation service virtualisation and API mocking tool, has released a new version that includes JMS and IBM® Websphere MQ service virtualisation. It has been designed to help test and development teams implementing DevOps and continuous integration deliver faster and with less operational costs.

Traffic Parrot version 3.9 introduces JMS and IBM® Websphere MQ service virtualisation, API mocking and simulation. The software is available for download at trafficparrot.com.

Besides JMS and IBM® MQ virtualization, the tool provides test and development teams with many other capabilities:

  • HTTP(S) virtualisation and API mocking
  • Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift compatibility
  • Programmatic setup
  • And many more

The team behind Traffic Parrot works closely with their clients to prioritise the backlog of features to be delivered. Get in touch to get a demo today.

“You move really fast!”

Fortune 500 company lead software architect

For further details or a demo please contact sales@trafficparrot.com