Malware programme can cost as little as US$7, says report

According to a new report from Proofpoint, using malware to steal important user credentials on the web can cost as little as US$7 when using the malware stealing programme, Ovidy Stealer.

The report noted that Ovidy Stealer is still being observed and developed by cyber criminals, as it was only found last month.

The cost of a single build credential stealer costs between US$7 and US$13, allowing hackers access to a credential-stealing tool, whilst avoiding detection at the same time.

The malware programme is written in NET, primarily targeting browers and applications such as: Google Chrome, Kometa, FileZilla and Torch browser; likely being distributed as an attachment in an email or a link to a download.

“Ovidiy Stealer highlights the manner in the cybercrime marketplace drives innovation and new entrants and challenges organisations that must keep pace with the latest threats to their users, their data, and their systems,” the report concluded.

The report also noted that it’s being spread through file hosting and keygen sites.

Written by Leah Alger