Meet National Software Testing Conference Speaker Sudeep Chatterjee

Global Head of QA and Testing at Lombard Risk, Sudeep Chatterjee, speaks exclusively about his business success, and his presentation at the National Software Testing Conference, which will take place on the 22-23 May 2017.

Chatterjee has over 17 years of experience managing enterprise-wide testing programmes for financial services and global technology consulting firms, but has only recently joined Lombard Risk, which specialises in providing integrated collateral management and regulatory reporting solutions. The company needed his expertise, because of his proven track record building high performing multi-disciplinary testing teams, and the ability to deliver testing for complex technology-driven business transformation initiatives for large financial institutions.

He is looking forward to speaking at the National Software Testing Conference in a couple of weeks time, as he believes that conferences are helpful, and a good meeting point for industry professionals to come and share ideas, as well as discuss real-world problems with industry experts.

“Speaking at testing conferences helps improve my public speaking skills, as well as helps share what I have learnt in the last 17 years about software testing and QA industries. I hope that attendees learn something new from my talk, or at least help think from a new perspective,” Chatterjee says.

Software quality measurements

In his talk, he will be discussing how software quality can be effectively measured in a real organisation scenario, with the aim for sharing key learnings that you can adapt to your workplace.

“Software Quality Measurement is an often debated topic particularly within the last decade, as organisations move away from waterfall deliveries to embracing agile principles,” Chatterjee adds.

“Traditionally, the basis of software quality measurement has mostly been around a number of defects found in various formal test phases and test cycles, but recently the focus is on measuring quality outside of defect count. Principles behind the Agile Manifesto mention that working software is the primary measure of progress, so I will talk about how this is actually measured in an organisation where regular QA and test status reporting is required for stakeholders and customers? And how can it work when performance objectives and appraisals of individuals are based on quality parameters judgement?”

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Written by Leah Alger