Microsoft releases reliability ratings

Microsoft released its Consumer Reports reliability ratings last week, clarifying issues that the software maker has faced.

The report found that roughly 25% of Surface users experienced issues by the second year of ownership, with Surface Pro 4 return rates reaching to 16% during launch, which dropped below 10% after one month.

Surface Pro 3 launched with 11% return rates, which dropped below 10% and have remained at roughly 6% throughout its existence.

The Surface book has had trouble with higher return rates than any other Surface product throughout the two years it has been on sale, with its return rates hitting up to 17% during its launch period.

It was found that bluescreens and driver crashes occurred frequently, and the docking app for the display crashed occasionally in Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 when reviewing Microsoft’s Surface Bookback in October 2015.

Surface chief at Microsoft memo, Panos Panay, said: “The company has worked tirelessly to fix the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 problems.

“These improvements were unfortunately not reflected in the results of this Consumer Reports survey.”

Microsoft believes it has fixed these issues and that return rates have decreased as a result.

Written by Leah Alger