Monash University highlights the best strategies to reduce gender gap in STEM and IT

A recent study by Monash University revealed the best strategies to increase the number of girls in STEM and IT education.

Indeed, it was reported that there is still a strong persistence of gendered stereotypes, the influence of parents, educators, and peers, and a lack of female role models that prevent young girls from pursuing a career in STEM. It is then vital to identify the critical factors that become barriers to women so as to see how these institutions can improve the representation of women in STEM and IT fields.

It was then found out that reaching out to girls early in schools, recruiting strategically into undergraduate degrees, and facilitating positive and inclusive experiences during their education could be keys to having more girls in STEM and IT. It is also important to introduce women role models early as well as adjust admission policies to adapt and target the recruitment of more women.

More programs such as ‘Girls on the Go’ from Miami University or the Women in Technology Mentoring program at Monash University need to be implemented. Besides, a pilot program called Superbots Industry Immersion was recently launched by the Monash Tech School in partnership with the Faculty of IT and the Women in Voice ANZ chapter in order to engage more young girls in computing.