New AI-based system to make pedestrian crossings safer

A new AI-based system designed to make pedestrian crossings easier has been recently developed by British company Now Wireless.

Indeed, the new system uses the latest-generation technology such as cameras, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning in order to control the traffic lights and determine who has the priority.

To do so, the system relies on data provided by cameras that are able to detect road crossers from up to 15 meters away. When pedestrians are close by, it sends a signal to an AI-based system that then uses machine learning to know if the people are going to cross the street or not.

If so, the system can then manage to change the traffic lights with a set of rules, that can be customized depending on the need of the local authorities and traffic managers. Thus, this will help make the streets safer.

Besides, the new system can be installed easily everywhere without any road work necessary.