SMEs join forces to develop ‘next generation’ artificial intelligence

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Massive Analytic, Synthetik Mind and Citi Logik, have joined forces to develop “next generation” artificial intelligence technologies.

Hoping to improve the understanding of urban living, intelligent mobility, public safety and smart parking, and to boost productivity in government, transport and local authorities, the initiative will consist of Massive Analytic’s proprietary artificial intelligence technologies with Citi Logik’s expertise in IoT and network analysis.

George Frangou, CEO of Massive Analytic and Synthetik Mind, said: “We are delighted to be aligning our expertise in automated data science, video analytics and artificial intelligence with Citi Logik’s deep expertise in network and IoT analytics and their market leading understanding of movement by vehicle, on foot and by public transport.”

Stephen Leece, managing director at Citi Logik, added: “With first sector deals in artificial intelligence and automotive, Citi Logik sees the huge opportunity for public good working alongside Massive Analytic and our key partners in the commercial and public environments.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger