Software development teams to embrace automation for better work culture

Software development teams are embracing automation, reusing code, and getting better at documentation in this new era of work.

Indeed, a study by GitHub revealed that reused code, automation, better work culture, and collaboration contribute to a quality software delivery performance, especially within open-source projects. Coaching and mentoring is also a component of good culture. It was found out that teams that use timely code reviews for new contributors or new hires see a 46% improvement in productivity for open-source projects, as well as a 16% improvement within companies.

Moreover, it was reported that automating software delivery is vital for open source work as it helps teams go faster at scale. 43% of teams operate better when using automation. It also helps them communicate better and more clearly, which leads to a better culture.

Reusing code can make the development process go faster with performance increasing up to 87%, and double the performance of open-source projects. Finally, it noted that investing in documentation can improve productivity by 50%.



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