Software engineer developed an easier website to book a COVID vaccination appointment

28 years old Arlington software engineer, Olivia Adams, developed a simpler mass vaccine website while on maternity leave.

After noticing complaints about the user-unfriendly system for booking a COVID-19 vaccination appointment in Massachusetts, Adams decided to have a go at it and try to address some of the issues experienced by older people.

As a result, she created her own website that gives easier access to people trying to get appointments in the city. Everything is available on one page and anyone can access it.

Although her site hasn’t been approved or endorsed by the state so far, it gives important information on a few locations. The state is considering implementing a similar program and taking her platform to the national stage. In the meantime, Adams has suggested that other software developers could try to improve it.

She has recently raised nearly $20,000 through a Go-Fund-Me page that will help her reimburse the cost of hosting her website on her own since its launch on February 5.

Olivia Adams currently work as a software developer at Athenahealth, an electronic health record company that develops software for medical offices.