Tesla to open its Full Self Driving beta software to more users

It was recently announced that Tesla would be enabling access to the beta of its ‘Full Self-Driving’ (FSD) program to more Tesla customers.

Indeed, the company decided to go ahead with opening its beta software to more drivers despite the concerns of the National Transportation Safety Board. Yet, before giving full access, the company will determine their safety score using five criteria to estimate if an accident or collision is likely or not.

The score is measured by using data collected by sensors on the driver’s Tesla, and takes into consideration forward-collision warnings per 1,000 miles, hard braking, aggressive turning, unsafe following, and forced Autopilot disengagement. However, the company hasn’t revealed what an acceptable safety score to access the beta software is but most drivers are stated to reach a score of 80 out of a possible 100.

It was also reported that the beta software wouldn’t make a Tesla fully autonomous so it is vital that the driver must keep control of the vehicle at all times.

However, it was noted by the National Transportation Safety Board that the company should address basic safety issues before expanding its software so that the technology is not misused or abused.