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The “death of manual testing” has been a topic raised for years’. This is because of some testers believing that automation is “taking over” the way a manual tester works. Despite this, both types of testing have different aims and restrictions – automation is typically used in stress and load testing; big projects, with different releases and builds; and regression testing, where you would usually expect to find bugs. Differently, manual testing is usually used when testing a new functionality; specific programmes and devices; and to document user requirements.

DevOps, which automates as much as possible and removes wasted effort from development processes, appears to be changing the scope of software testing, accelerating application delivery through continuous integration, continuous feedback and real-time app updates. This software engineering culture and practice has been a game changer in not only mobile application testing, but also a variety of sectors, wiping out traditional waterfall methods.

It also appears that waterfall methods are rapidly declining in popularity as more DevOps and agile methodologies are increasingly adopted. So, if your company hasn’t come to terms with these new approaches already, why not stay ahead of the game and embrace this technological revolution?

This magazine issue primarily touches upon DevOps, continuous delivery, agile methodologies and mobile and application testing, to help you grasp current testing principles and to open up your mind via a journal of state-of-the-art information.

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Written by Leah Alger


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