US to launch a new study around consumer privacy in big tech companies

The US is organizing a new study on consumer privacy and has therefore asked big tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook to share their information in the next 45 days. The review aims to help regular understand what data is collected by the companies and how it is used. This is intended to measure tech giants’ influence.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) pointed out how alarming it is that there is close no information on how much data these companies possess and how they are using it.


Yet, it is expected that the sharing of information from these firms are going to be expeditious and comprehensive. Indeed, a Twitter spokesperson assured that the company is ready to ensure that the Commission had all the information it needs. The other companies didn’t say anything though.


This comes shortly after tech giants Google and Amazon were fined by French consumer privacy watchdog last week. It’s finally time that the US regulators questioned tech giants on privacy.


The commission recently announced that it was bringing Facebook to court for violating competition laws in order to stay ahead in the market and harming the public at the same time. Something similar happened last year when Facebook had to pay a huge fine to solve an FTC privacy inquiry about data collection.


However, it is believed that the review will be too broad and unlikely to bring proper results.