US treasury and commerce departments attacked by hackers

An emergency order has been issued after the US treasury and commerce departments declared to have been hacked.


Indeed, federal civilian agencies have been ordered to disconnect from a computer network tool called SolarWinds as it is under the control of malicious actors. Although the actors of the attack haven’t been identified yet, this comes less than a week after hacking tools have been stolen from the US cybersecurity firm FireEye.


The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency stated that the attack had an important potential to compromise government systems and the SolarWinds warns users to upgrade the Orion platform to protect against security vulnerabilities.


The cybersecurity company FireEye said that it had identified a global campaign earlier this year that aimed to compromise the computer networks of private and public businesses with a malicious code in software updates, including SolarWinds. This would then give the attackers remote access to the users’ environment.


The campaign could come from state-sponsored actors, according to FireEye. It is believed that Russia might be behind the hack. There is still no proof at the moment.