Vector Institute to offer ML program for caregivers and mothers on maternity leave

The Vector Institute has recently announced that it would be launching a machine learning (ML) program for stay-at-home caregivers and mothers on maternity leave.

Indeed, the Vector Institute is an independent and not-for-profit corporation that is dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) and ML research. The program offered will be a six-week course, from March to April, aiming to give students a basic understanding of ML methods. Students will also get to learn how to produce value for an organization as well as make recommendations for new technologies and solutions.

Moreover, they will get to be introduced to core concepts in ML by using applications in computer vision and natural language processing. The ethics around AI will also be taught.

Besides, the program will include a child care bursary of $500 funded by a contribution from Google TensorFlow. Students will receive a certificate of completion by attending 80% of the lectures and turning in assignments.