Australia to be working on its identity-matching services

The Department of Home Affairs is looking for support to build Australia’s identity-matching services (IDMS) and manage the existing IDMS system.

Indeed, the IDMS was developed to prevent the use of false and stolen identities as well as help law enforcement by providing tools and services to identify persons of interest. The IDMS is made of three components: the documentation verification service (DVS), the face-matching services hub (FMS), and the national driver licence facial recognition solution (NDLFRS).

The Department of Home Affairs is then seeking help to transition the country’s existing NDLFRS from an unnamed incumbent service provider to a new provider all the while keeping the system fully operational during this transition period. It was stated that the service provider should take over the management, operations, and maintenance responsibilities for the NDLFRS.

Moreover, the department is also looking for the DVS and FMS hubs to be designed, built, tested, and deployed, so as to unite both hubs into one. It aims to have a central routing application to facilitate the secure, automated transition of facial images and associated data between IDM participants.