Volkswagen to have developed a new AI hub in Detroit

It was recently found out that Volkswagen has developed a new AI unit in Detroit that will be dedicated to AI research and development.

Indeed, the company declared its desire to leverage new opportunities in applied Artificial Intelligence in order to improve products and services for its customers, as well as support its employees and drive the company’s efficiency and productivity.

Daniel Weimer, head of AI Detroit, will be leading the team of machine learning (ML) scientists and software engineers that will be dedicated to applying the latest AI and machine learning breakthroughs to the automotive business. Weimer stated that the data and specialized hardware will help enhance results and get them faster. By doing so, the company plans to bring AI technology to business and create a real impact.

Thus, Weimer’s team will work closely with the Volkswagen Group of America’s different brands in order to find ways to implement those new insights. The goal is to develop technologies that serve and support the company’s employees and improve the quality of products.

As the future of the automotive industry relies more and more on digital transformation and connected technology, it is certain that the need for AI solutions will only grow. With its new AI hub in Detroit, Volkswagen is then set to attract researchers and developers who will shape the future of this industry.