Walmart to tackle its automation plan

It has been recently found out that Walmart has been working for years on developing automation in many sectors, such as distribution center technology and fulfillment center technology in stores across the U.S.

With the pandemic, grocery stores had to extend their remote shopping capabilities and Walmart was already prepared. Indeed, the company stored its most in-demand items before having automated bots pull the items off of a shopper’s list from the center and sending another robot to a workstation where they can be assembled and bagged for delivery.

Walmart declared that its automation plan is now ready to scale and that it would be investing in its distribution centers, e-commerce fulfillment centers, and in-market fulfillment centers. Moreover, Walmart would also invest largely in automation, e-commerce, supply chain, and other technologies.

As automation will become more popular in the years to come, especially for grocery shopping, it is very likely that the company will only grow.