White House to make open-source software a security priority

Following a meeting at the White House last Thursday, it was declared that there is an urgent need for better security in the open-source software community.

Indeed, the meeting gathered some of the biggest companies in the tech sector and federal government officials such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, among others. Open-source software are used by big corporations for development purposes, however, these projects are often lacking oversight and fundings to remain secure.

A month after the log4j vulnerability, it has become even more urgent to better protect the systems and products that relied upon open-source libraries. More people are becoming aware of its importance and are calling open-source software a key national security issue.

The Google President of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker even stated that he hoped for better support for the open-source community as well as having increased public and private support for open-source projects, the establishment of security and testing baselines, and the development of a rubric for identifying critical projects.

What exactly the government and other members of Big Tech have in mind for better open-source security isn’t entirely clear at this point, but the fact that they’re talking about it seems like a good sign.