Why digitally-savvy financial institutions are more profitable

How web & mobile app performance optimisation increases customer acquisition, retention, and growth.

SOASTA Financial Services Solutions Brief

Since 2008, the financial services industry landscape has changed – drastically. Customer loyalty? It’s fading fast. New competitors? They’re entering quickly and are here to stay. Customer expectations? They never stop rising. Budgets? Tighter than ever. As a result, the pressures to manage costs, improve efficiencies, and maximise return on equity – all within a highly regulated environment, are greater than ever. In other words – financial services needs to raise its compete level.

In turn, the pressure on digital performance professionals has become unrelenting. That’s because the applications and infrastructure that underpins virtually every aspect of the financial services industry have continued to evolve and accelerate, changing how companies acquire, retain, and expand relationships with customers…

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