British app developers are turning to Latin markets

A new survey carried out by One Hour Translation has revealed that mobile app developers from the UK are investing their resources into approaching Latin markets.

The localisation of mobile apps

According to One Hour Translation’s data for Q1 of 2016, around 55% of translations of UK English-language mobile apps are geared toward localisation into languages mainly spoken in Latin markets: Spanish, Portuguese and also Italian.

The survey examined 2500 Android apps on Google Play and iOS apps on the App Store, which were developed in the UK and US and translated by One Hour Translation. In order to obtain accurate measurements of the relative share of each target language, the survey compared the number of projects translated from various applications.

The data shows that in the UK, no less than 39% of mobile app translations were aimed at localisation into Spanish, around 9% into Portuguese and around 7% of translations of UK apps were localised into Italian in the first quarter of 2016.

‪“Mobile app developers are thinking of ways to reach their target audience beyond the markets they usually work in, and they know that the way to do this is by localising their apps,” says Yaron Kaufman, Co-founder and VP Sales and Marketing of One Hour Translation.

A further insight also showed the subject of translation of English-language mobile apps from the US, revealing that around 15% of mobile app translations were aimed at localisation into Spanish, around 6% into Portuguese an 7% into Italian, showing the popularity of the Latin market for app developers, not based in just the UK.


Adapted from press release by Jordan Platt